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These certainly beat the default big boxy assets, I love this style so much more and thank y'all for you combined effort! I will happily give credit where it is due! :3 When my game project is completed I will reach out to you and give you a free copy :) TYSM <33

Loving the gradients on these.

Amazing work!

I used your icons while doing proper credits to my game. All of the upgrades are designed with your icons: 

Thanks a lot for this awesome asset!

I will credit you and the original creators for these assets.


These are the best assets on the market

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Very cool and just waht I was looking for. 

We can edit these though right in case I want to change the hue of things right?

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Hi, really cool stuff!

Just wondering how you achieved the outline effect on these?

looks really cool!!


I'm very glad I could create something you like!

These are really good, really nice job!

I'm dearly grateful for your kind sentiments! Thank you!


This is awesome!! :D


Thank you so much for your support!


fantastic... Thanks!!! ;)




Thank you! You're too kind!